Access Passport

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AccessPassport?

AccessPassport is a service that allows you to easily sign in to multiple Alumni Communities through a single login. Users are able to manage, monitor, and navigate freely between participating member sites using a single set of credentials.

Can I opt out of AccessPassport?

Your company has chosen to adopt AccessPassport to keep your information secure. That means every Alumni user needs to be under the AccessPassport umbrella. Using AccessPassport ensures only you have access to your account.

Why do I have to reset my password?

You’ve been asked to change your password due to security measures and controls to protect your information.

What if I did not receive the reset password email?

Click the “Forgot Password” password link on the sign-in page and follow the steps outlined.

What if I forget my username or password?

If you’ve forgotten your username or password, click the “Need help signing in?” link at the bottom of the sign-in page. Then click “Forgot Password” to reset it. If that doesn’t work, call your help desk.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and why do I have to set it?

When you log in for the first time on AccessPassport, depending on the security settings of your organization, you may be asked to complete MFA enrollment. This is a process to validate your identity and ensure the increased security of your account. Initially, users will have the option of receiving SMS (text message) pin codes.

I wasn’t required to enable Multi-Factor Authentication, is something wrong?

If enrolling in MFA is a mandatory step during signup or login, then this is a requirement of the organization. If it is an optional step, then you may choose to bypass MFA enrollment.

What if I can’t get Multi-Factor Authentication to work?

If you are having difficulty signing in or experiencing a technical issue, please visit the homepage of your Alumni Community and click “Contact Us” to submit a support request.

What if more than one of my alumni networks makes the switch to AccessPassport?

Your AccessPassport is associated with your primary login email address. This means that you only have one set of credentials to manage for all of your AccessPassport-connected services. When changing your password via any of these connected services, your credentials will be usable when authenticating with any of your other alumni networks using AccessPassport.